About M*Jewels

It all started when I was about 8 years old with my obsession and fascination for charms and sparkly things.  Interestingly enough, this enchantment was the initiation of a journey that has now resulted in a fast-growing company called M*Jewels.

Even though I studied engineering in college and have worked in high-tech for many years, I always cherished my side projects—artistic pursuits that kept me jazzed about creating beautiful things. When I began contemplating M*Jewels a few years ago, it was a natural marriage between my love of sparkle and crafting.

The idea for M*Jewels occurred to me after I bought a pair of flip-flops with jewels on them—and completely wore them out!  I wanted the bling on my flips to last forever! I’ve spent the last few years experimenting on my own flip-flops by hot gluing, sewing, and wrestling with magnets to find the perfect adornment.

During this time, my two pre-teen daughters discovered the Ugg-style boot trend. I wanted to find a way to enhance the look of these boots without breaking the bank on multiple styles once the girls got bored. I started adding rhinestone embellishments to these boots—and the kids loved them!

Even better, I thought, what if I could make them interchangeable? How many styles could I get out of one pair of footwear?

I showed my father, a retired mechanical engineer, my M*Jewels idea. I explained that I wanted to make embellishments that worked for boots AND flip-flops and that I wanted them to be interchangeable. What a great project for my retired father, one that could take his mind off of my mom’s battle with dementia for just a little while.

The very next weekend my dad had fashioned some working prototypes; and after a few tweaks, we felt good enough about our concept to file a patent.

In the process of creating M*Jewels, we discovered just how versatile they really are. While they’re fun and exciting for boots and flip-flops, they are also great adornments for ponytail holders, headbands, shoes, necklaces, and more. My daughters and I have quite a collection, and we mix and match our M*Jewels with all our favorite items.

Change’M up with M*Jewels!






I love my M*Jewels and the pizzazz that they add to many of my favorite items!

—Donna, Boston

M*Jewels were the perfect gift for my daughter. She loves their versatility! Many times she clips them on her hair bands to add some sparkle to her look.

—Alexis, Sarasota

Since I'm a fashion-ista, I wanted to change up the look of my Ugg boots. M*Jewels was the perfect way to add a little sparkle to my step!

—Joanna, New York, NY