Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are M*Jewels?

M*Jewels are fun, interchangeable jewels that clip easily onto your favorite boots, flip-flops and other accessories.  These versatile jewels are wonderful adornments for many of the items you already own.

Are there two different types of M*Jewels?

Currently there are two version of M*Jewels: Universal M*Jewels and M*Jewels for Flip-Flops.  If you have purchased M*Jewels for Flip-Flops, they will work directly on flip-flops.  Universal M*Jewels will clip onto any “cord” that is approximately 2 to 3mm in thickness (items such as hair bands, headbands, necklaces, shoe laces, etc).

Will M*Jewels work on all the flip-flops I own?

The M*Jewels approach allows you to buy the particular style and comfort you desire in a flip-flop, at the price point that works for you.  M*Jewels works best on flip-flops that have a rubber strap size that is approximately ½” in width.  We have tested them on Havaianas®, Old Navy® and Reefs®  flip-flops.  Depending on the brand of flip-flops, sometimes you will need to finesse the M*Jewels clip onto your flip-flop for the perfect fit.

What is the difference between M*Jewels Boot Cords and M*Jewels Boot Bracelets?

M*Jewels Boot Bracelets are suede cords that function like a “bracelet” for your favorite boots.  They slip easily over the top of your boots and can be adjusted for a nice tight fit.  M*Jewels Boot Bracelets are a great place to clip M*Jewels.

M*Jewels Boot Cords are long suede cords that you can wrap two or three times around your favorite boots to change the look.  They should be wrapped tightly around your boots and can be tied in a bow or soft knot to finish the look.  Universal M*Jewels can also be clipped onto M*jewels Boot Cords for extra pizzazz.


Really dazzled up some old flip flops that I was thinking of throwing out!

—Kim, Southborough, MA

M*Jewels are a great new accessory. I don’t leave the house without matching them to my outfit. And when I travel now, I bring my M*Jewels collection so I can minimize all the bulky footware that I used to have to bring with me.

—Robin, NY

What a great way to add a “bit of bling” to my most comfortable flip-flops! I recently went to Martha’s Vineyard for three days and I wore them the whole time!

—Sheri,  Weston, MA