The M*Jewels collection is made up of unique embellishments that jazz up items you wear every day.  Our interchangeable M*jewels will add the ultimate touch to your boots, flip-flops, necklaces, hairbands and more.


Add pizzazz to your favorite boots with our dazzling M*Jewels Boot Bracelets and Boot Cords.  If you want to Jazz'M up even further, clip on some interchangeable M*Jewels for the ultimate sizzle.


Our interchangeable M*Jewels for Flip-Flops add some flare to your favorite flip-flops.  Just clip'M onto plain rubber flip-flops and jazz'M up!


And in our jewelry line, we have “M*Jewels, Many Ways”.  Buy one M*jewel and wear it as a glamorous necklace, ring or hair band.  Three dazzling options for the price of one!

Sassy Girl